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 Below, there is a list of websites associated to My-DLL. Thanks a lot to all our associates for their support ;)

 Tom's Hardware FR
 New Dimension FR
 Frequence News
 PC INpact
 Génération 3D
 Tom's Guide
 Les Numériques
 Le Journal du Geek
 Le Journal du Gamer
 Le Journal du Mac
 PC Loisirs

If you want to add My-DLL to your partners, just copy the source code into your HTML code and BBCODE.

Disclaimer : All files are properties of their owners. Download a dll file for legally licensed software only. All files are provided on an as is basis. No guarantees or warranties are given or implied.

Warning : dll files are system files that may disrupt your computer if you do not use them properly. My-DLL would not be responsible for the use of these files.

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